Topics of interest to Networking 2006 include (but are not limited to) the following:

Active & programmable networks
Addressing and location management
Ambient Intelligence
Autonomic Networks
Broadband wireless access
Capacity planning
Cellular networks (2G, 2.5G, 3G & beyond)
Congestion control
Content distribution
Cryptography, security & privacy
Grid networking
Home networking
Intelligence in networks
Internet & web applications
Internet protocols for high-speed networks
Mobile networks architectures & protocols
Mobility models
Multimedia protocols
Multiple access protocols
Network design & capacity planning
Network management systems
Network measurements & testbeds
Network modelling & simulation
Network tomography
Optical networks
Hybrid Networks
Overlay networks
Peer-to-peer networks
Pervasive computing
Power management
Pricing, billing & economic models
Quality of Service
Quantitative methods & tools
Queuing theory
Real-time voice/video over IP networks Resource allocation
Routing and switching
Mobile ad hoc networks
Satellite networks
Scheduling & queue management
Self-organizing network
Sensor Networks
Traffic engineering
Traffic management & control
Traffic modelling & characterization
Ubiquitous Networks
Web architectures & protocols
Web caching, pre-fetching & replication
Web performance
Wireless local & personal area networks
Wireless multimedia systems
Wireless protocols