The Networking 2006 Conference will be held in the historic part of the University of Coimbra, in modern conference facilities harmoniously integrated in the old campus (“Faculdade de Direito, Polo I da Universidade de Coimbra”).

On foot from the Hotels to the Conference Venue

Conference Hotels are all within walking distance from the Conference Venue, with furthermost Hotels (Melia and Tivoli) around 1500 meters away from the Auditorium. You should, however, take in mind that the old university is on top of a small hill.

If you decide to walk you may use the provided map or ask at your Hotel desk how to reach “Torre da Universidade” (University Tower). The Conference Auditorium is adjacent to the University Tower.

Taking a Taxi

The best alternative to walking is to ask for a Taxi at your Hotel desk. Taxi fares should be less than 5 Euro. Ask the driver to take you to “Porta Ferrea” or “Torre da Universidade”.

Driving your car

Parking in the old University is severely restricted and you will probably have to leave your car quite far from the Conference Venue. If you absolutely need to bring you own car to the Conference Venue please contact the Local Organizing Committee in advance.

Coffee Breaks

Coffee breaks will be served in the bar of the Conference Auditorium.


Lunches will be served at the Restaurant of “Centro Cultural D. Dinis”, 200 meters from the Conference Auditorium. Please refer to the map of the Conference Venue to locate the Restaurant.

Welcome Reception

The Welcome Reception, on Tuesday evening, will be held in the City Hall (Câmara Municipal), downtown. The short walk from the Conference venue to the City Hall will give you the opportunity to appreciate some of the oldest streets of Coimbra.

Conference Banquet

The Conference Banquet will be held at “Casino Figueira”, Figueira da Foz, a beach town 40 kms west of Coimbra. Bus transportation to/from the banquet will be provided by the organization. If you prefer to drive, take highway A14 from Coimbra to Figueira da Foz.

Useful Contacts

Hotel Tivoli Coimbra
Rua João Machado
Tel.: (+351) 239 858300

Hotel Melia Tryp Coimbra
Av. Armando Gonçalves, 20
Tel.: (+351) 239 480800

Hotel Almedina
Av. Fernão de Magalhães, n.º 199
Tel.: (+351) 239 855500

Hotel Astoria Coimbra
Av. Emídio Navarro, n.º 21
Tel.: (+351) 239 853020

Residencial Botânico
Bairro de São José, 15
Tel.: (+351) 239 714824

Politaxis (Coimbra Taxi service)
Tel. (+351) 239 499090

Beta-Viagens (Travel Agency)
Tel.: (+351) 239 793000